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Nash & Proper, finally!


I'm a sucker for a good chicken sandwich. More specifically, the chicken sandwich has to be spicy, and the chicken has to be fried. Nine out of 10 times, if I'm eating a chicken sandwich, it's in this arrangement: bun, spicy fried chicken fillet, coleslaw, pickles, bun.

A few months back I started hearing about Nash and Proper, a food truck specializing in Nashville-style hot chicken. Their food is very "Instagrammable"; every time I saw someone post a pic of their sandwich, I would salivate. Pavlov's dog and all. So, I added it to my list.

I didn't know that they would be at Saturday's Republic FC match. When I saw the truck I got so excited but, I had made a "rookie" move and kind of filled up on other fares while we wandered through all of the other trucks. (Nash & Proper's truck was kind of in a corner at the end.)

But, I caved and bought "The Sammich". So, so good. Lives up to the hype. And my craving is not only satiated but, in some weird way, still grows stronger with every Instagram post.

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