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2019 Season Opener


I was so excited to finally attend a Republic FC game. I knew that I wanted to become a regular spectator once we moved to this city but, unfortunately, we didn't make it to any of last year's late fall games. Attending the 2019 season opener was good in that we started off on the right foot, for this season.

The club does a great job with the fan experience. There were a ton d of food trucks, providing a lot of variety for things to eat. This was in addition to the "build in" concession stands which had the regular sport park eats. There were also some community booths that had some fun carnival-type games for the kids. It made for a great pre-game atmosphere.

I bought tickets in the middle sideline section, which happened to be where most of the longtime season ticket holders sat. They looked at us, wondering where the "regular" seat holders were. It was amusing but, I get it. They were all longtime season ticket holders (most from the beginning of the club's existence) so, they had all been watching games together for five seasons.

It was a very cold night; we were as bundled as we could be, even wrapped in the blanket we purchased right before the game started. And the team played hard, even more so in the second half.

I'm not sure I want to buy season tickets yet. I want to move around the stadium a little to see where we might want to buy seats. The park itself looks like there won't be a bad seat (view) so, it will just be a matter of finding the view we want. All in all, it was a lot of fun and we're looking forward to attending many more games this season.

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