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The People Who Eat the Same Meal Every Day - I have tried this (throughout my life) a few times and I just, can't. I like my variety too much. I'm spoiled that way. Like my music tastes, my food choices depend on my mood and what is happening in that moment.

Workism is Making America Miserable - We all know this to be true but no one (corporation, organization) is really doing anything abut it. There are a lot of hypocrisies round work-life balance, and what our work leaders communicate on that front.


Crazy Rich Asians - I held off for a long time before watching this movie. One, I'm not one for rom-coms. Two, there was so much hype about the Asian representation, I didn't want to be let down. And three, I haven't yet read the books. But I caved. I liked it, every minute of it. There are some things wrong with the plot and the casting and the, and the, and the... but I liked it.

Ant Man and the Wasp - Halfway paid attention to this as my wife watched. The only thing I like about the Ant Man movies is when Luis tells his "stories". Like (my feeling on) all of the Marvel movies, meh.

Can You Ever Forgive Me? -I don't know why this was made into a movie. The main character is a horrible person and this tries to make the audience sympathize with her? Fuck no. She did nothing to make me like her, or any character in this movie, really.

Solo: A Star Wars Story - Could have been my mood when we watched this but, I felt this movie just went through the motions. It wasn't good. It was just... it just exists. I loved Rogue One (as a spin off from the main trilogies). This attempt was just flat.

Free Solo - A great documentary and definitely intense as you watch him ascent El Capitan. I have a lot of respect for the physicality and the mental strength that must have taken.

Losers -I binged the first season. Their quick (less than 30 minutes) stories on people who didn't quite make it to the top in sports. They're heartwarming in their own ways.


Iditapod (podcast) - Blame Blair Braverman's twitter feed for getting me hooked on the Iditarod this year. This is the first time I've ever watched this race's progress so closely. This podcast has some great interviews with the mushers, and good overall updates.

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