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Sorry, no wifi


I had a few hours with no conference calls. What a perfect time to get out of the house for a change of scenery and maybe pump out some work. There are plenty of intriguing coffee shops throughout the city, making it difficult to choose. I settled on one located near the first rental we stayed at, in East Sacramento (while waiting for our escrow to close).

Immediately, I liked the atmosphere. It was on the smaller side but there were plenty of seats available. I ordered a flat white and an avocado toast to snack on, then found a place to settle in.

There were 18 different SSIDs to choose from as I searched for a wireless network to join. None of them seemed like they were a part of the coffee shop. I went back up to the counter, "Do you offer wifi here?"

"No, not here. We have it at our downtown location. We'll offer it here soon."

"Ok, thanks", I replied, though as soon as I turned back to my seat I could feel the "frown" on my face. Plans obliterated. No *work to be done here.

But... is this a detriment? Really, do I need to be connected? Do I need to do work? Can't I just sit and enjoy my coffee and toast? I thought about this for the remainder of my visit. It was a very good flat white.


This tweet (above) isn't about, nor from, me. It came into my timeline, this morning, and I thought it was coincidental and hilarious.

*Most of my work is web-based.

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