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I want to live in a van and chase my dreams

I want to live in a van and chase my dreams.

Not really. I would definitely miss my different rooms, full size kitchen and appliances, and full size couch. Or…. would I?

I watched “Free Solo” last night, and see where the “nomadic” lifestyle helps Alex Honnold achieve the things he does. I also found it fascinating how he is able to block/cut out the distractions he needs to (even if sacrificing human relationships in the process).

Absolutely, the documentary (and Alex’s feat) was amazing, inspiring, and absolutely harrowing. But it got me thinking about my own goals, and what I might need to do to achieve them.

I don’t need that van nor the nomadic lifestyle. I do need to find ways to intensify my focus. I also need to work on “training”, not physically, but mentally.

Above all, I need to spend time with the goals themselves. I need to revisit, refine, define, and then piece together plans to achieve them.

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