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Watership Down - Richard Adams' book was one of my favorites. Watching the recent Netflix series left a bad taste in my mouth so, I decided to reread this to remedy that. Still a classic. I still so very much love the darkness in this book.


Ralph Breaks the Internet - I think I'm just tired of sequels, no matter what the franchise. The most interesting scenes were with the Disney princesses, but even they felt more gimmicky than I expected them to be. This movie was also longer than it needed to be.

Bohemian Rhapsody - I expected better. The only highlight was watching Rami Malek's stellar acting job. The story was just... so not what I know about Queen and their story. Watching this is like watching a movie adapted from a book; it wasn't true to the characters or the story. This movie did spur me on to buy the video of their actual LiveAid performance, though.

Behind the Curve - My interest in this was akin to watching a trashy reality show to simply remind me how extreme people can take their beliefs. I truly support that everyone is free to believe what they wish to believe. It's just fascinating to see people believe, and defend, something that has been debunked so many times.


Ep. 43 of The Dave Chang Show - this is an excellent conversation between Dave Chang and Jerry Saltz, on art and artistry. One of life's constant lessons is "be who you are and screw everyone else"... but, why is it so difficult to do this?

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