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So clean!

I recently bought a Magnasonic Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. Ever since first seeing these in my optometrist’s office, I have wondered about having one for home (but never really followed through with it until now).

Two things about this:

  1. I never realized how truly dirty my glasses were until I used this thing. It was a little disgusting when I saw the state of the water after the first glasses cleaning.

  2. I want to take this EVERYWHERE and use it all the time! It is almost ridiculous how clean my glasses are now, and how clear everything is.

We used it to clean our wedding rings, too. That worked well though, they still need to be polished. I also ran my Swiss Army knife through it and was impressed; the knife looks almost brand new.

I’m now on constant lookout for other things I can run through the cleaner. Highly recommend getting one of them if you can.

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