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Giving Myself to My Garden and Keeping Enough for Me - Christine Lee's excellent column about care, self care, care for others, and taking care of, well.. care.

The Curse of the Twitter Reply Guy - I have to admit, there are time where I fall into at least one of these categories. I do appreciate being more aware, though.

Fujifilm X-T1 User Manual - I spent some time with this and the camera, to re-acquaint and customize some of the settings. Shame on me for letting this camera sit on the shelf as long as I have. I also started making sure that it's always within arm's reach of where I am.


One Strange Rock - I played these episodes during lunch breaks this week. Earth science fascinates me. I used to get excited about biology too (there was a brief while when I wanted to become a marine biologist). I enjoyed the astronauts' perspectives, and love how the series illustrated how everything is so connected.


Noisli - For the most part, I had iTunes on shuffle this week. There were quite a few times, each day, when I had to cut the music and use Noisli to focus in on getting some tasks done. I used it to pump out a few technical documents, muddle through a very busy email inbox, and do some user acceptance testing on some new development. It's a good tool; I like it a lot.

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