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Five things for the week

  1. I'm prepared to post a lot of bad photography because I am very out of practice, and need some time to work my way back into things.
  2. If you can, swap our your office chair wheels with the rollerblade kind. I made this change and it makes a world of difference. I glide over wood floors and carpet effortlessly, and noiselessly.
  3. It's been rainy most of the week but, this next week we get a bit of a break. I need to make sure I take advantage of that and go outside more.
  4. We had fun, this weekend, exploring a bit more of downtown. We found a new (good) breakfast spot, which is always a plus. As much as we like cooking breakfast at home, one can never have too many breakfast spots to choose from when you just feel like venturing out.
  5. I'm overthinking the "get more indoor plants" thing. I think the trick really is to just buy the plants you like, as you see them.

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