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Weekend maintenance


I have a routine every weekend, which I refer to as "Weekend Maintenance". I even have a phone reminder setup to ensure that I do this (and then check it off of the list).

During this time, I start off with bill processing, which includes scanning and filing. I then run all of my backups for files, photographs, and other media (music, movies, etc.). I also run some maintenance checks (usually software updates and battery health checks) on all of the computers to ensure they are in good shape.

Then comes the the charging of all of my devices, starting with camera batteries, external batteries (especially if I'm going to be traveling), tablets, and laptops. I want to be sure that they're all ready to go when I need them.

Last, I process notes and start task lists for the week. Sometimes I'll go right into some creative writing exercises, if I don't have other things around the house to get done.

All in all, "Weekend Maintenance" usually takes about 90 minutes. It's a good routine that I actually enjoy.

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