Five things for the week

  1. I made a reference, during a conversation this week, to Janice's line (above, in video) and no one got it. There are only a select few people that do get this when I use it. I think it's hilarious, especially since it's spoken by a Muppet. And especially because it's Janice.
  2. My job is as easy, and enjoyable, as it is because I have a really, really good team. I am so grateful for what they bring to the table each and every day.
  3. The more that I explore and discover things around this city, the more comfortable and happy I feel that we are living here. Sure, it wasn't always like this but, what is being done recently is very cool. Lately, I love just driving around downtown and taking note of all of the places I want to eventually stop in to see.
  4. February is going way too fast for my liking.
  5. I experienced a few examples, this past week, where just slowing down to take the time to communicate more thoroughly and more clearly saved our group from a lot of issues that would have made things worse. Slowing down to communicate better is something I want to do more of.