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Two artists on my most played list

I was curious about what data iTunes is tracking on my listening habits. Not for privacy reasons, more for sheer curiosity. I love looking through my "Most played" list. I seem to go to the same artists over and over again.

Two artists that appear near the top are Ana Tijoux and Mala Rodriguez. I mostly listen to them while working. I also like to listen to them when I travel. Sometimes, I'll write small scenes to their music as a writing exercise.

About 50% of the time, I lose track (can't keep up with translating in my head) of what they're saying but, I never really tire of listening to my Ana Tijoux/Mala Rodriguez playlist.

Ana's "Vengo" album is so, so good. It's one of the few albums (in my entire music collection) that I enjoy listening to it from start to finish.

Mala's music at its best is intense (I love "33" for this reason). It scares me a little bit. It's raw and fierce but, feels honest.

A sampling:


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