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10 Things that Scare Me

Inspired by the 10 Things That Scare Me podcast, which I love.

  1. Discovering that I have a terminal health issue, inherited from my biological parents. I hate always having to explain to doctors that I don't have medical history (even though they really don't react negatively to it). I have some ongoing health issues and am just waiting to find out there's more.
  2. Snakes. F'ing snakes.
  3. Cooking something for someone that makes them sick (or worse). Also, me getting sick from someone else's food. I really like to cook, and think I'm pretty good at it but, I'm always afraid to serve my food to others for fear of them trying it and getting sick. I have no idea where this fear stems from; it's never happened (yet).
  4. Getting bit by a tick or mosquito (or any other insect, really) and contracting an incurable disease, like Lyme disease or being allergic to meat, as a result.
  5. How self-destructive humans are. More specifically, how self-destructive I can be.
  6. Large crowds and/or long lines.
  7. Being somewhere for a long time (3-5 hours at least) without knowing where, and having access to, a bathroom.
  8. Any hearing loss in my left ear (I'm already 80% deaf in my right ear).
  9. Reaching my fullest potential.
  10. Slipping and severely hurting myself in the shower.

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