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 Unfortunately, another week with not much new for this section. I barely read internet articles too! I found myself swamped in technical docs and a textbook (for school) on database design. So, yeah.


Watership Down (2018) - This is watered down (pun?). It's as if they tried their best to make this as kid-friendly as they could. There is no darkness in this. The CGI is distracting but, (for me) not as distracting as how much they're glossing over everything. Makes me just want to read the book again.

This Is It! - I loved this for the ability to glimpse some of the process behind him making his concerts. And this guy had so many hits! He really was a musical genius.

Voltron: Legendary Defender - I finally got around to watching the final season, and was disappointed. They wrapped up the whole series in a neat little (too easy) bow. I hate when movies and shows do this.


Unfortunately, nothing new to note here. I usually have "shuffle" on my music library when working, providing a nice background soundtrack that blocks out other noise and distractions (as many distractions as I let it). 

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