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Five things for the week

  1. I bought a 2018 Hyundai Elantra GT, yesterday. It's silver, used, and had 9k miles on it, and ended up getting a good deal. I have been looking into getting a compact hatchback to just use around the city. We didn't need a second car but, I wanted one especially for those days where I would go stir crazy at home while M was at work (and I had no car to escape with).
  2. This coming week will be busy but, I'm ready. I feel like I will be productive.
  3. I read this blog post about using a jump rope and I'm intrigued. I think this could be a nice, quick way to get the blood flowing throughout the day. I envision a few minutes out on my patio just to break up the monotony. This, paired with some mid-afternoon walks, just might be what's needed.
  4. I'm changing my approach and, rather than journaling, I have started keeping a log book. Austin Kleon has a good post on the difference. I see this as hitting both needs (logging events and thoughts as well as providing a place to journal longer entries when I want). Hat tip to Christine Lee; she recently posted a Instagram story describing her notebook use that got me thinking about my own.
  5. I'm disappointed that I haven't yet started a new (fiction) book yet, in 2019.

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