A Wednesday ramble - notes on getting back to work

First day back at work after (just) a week off. It feels like a Monday. Like a really rough Monday. I feel so far behind, as if I took longer than a week off. I think this is partly the "effect" of ignoring work emails for the entire vacation.

Which is a good thing. And, it's really just a feeling of being behind (right?). I'm fortunate with the team I am part of; if one is out, the others step up. It's a good team involved in a very complex, big project.

It boils down to getting back into the swing of things (whatever that means). It's re-establishing a routine, or even establishing one to begin with. I need to make some adjustments in the interest of time-management. I also need to get back to keeping a notepad and pen next to me while I work.

I also want to try to build a habit of taking a mid-afternoon walk, if not just to get some fresh air and a change of scenery.

I found that, even though I am alone in my home while working, I do work better if I put on headphones (rather than play music through speakers). I feel more focused on the task at hand this way. I'm sure there is some sort of blog post or study that would explain why.

The addition of the mechanical keyboard (to my workspace) has helped. I type faster, have fewer mistakes, and can very easily get back to being a proficient touch-typist.

Note to self: don't type on the mechanical keyboard while unmuted on a conference call.

//This cracked me up and put me in a good, humorous mindset when I first sat down at my desk. It nails the non-profit employee mentality.