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Five things for the week

Lady Bird Mural
  1. No resolutions for 2019. No projects, writing or photographic. No defined things to change, do, or observe. Just another year, intentionally. I need 2019 to be my "recalibration" year. A year where I can just "be" without expectations.
  2. 2018 was difficult. It wasn't, when compared to others' 2018 anything remote to "difficult" but, for me? Difficult. I made a huge necessary change in moving back to California, mainly because I was struggling in early 2018. A lot. The remaining part was me trying to get reacclimatized to (what sounds weird to say/type) my own life. Thus, the reason for #1 (above).
  3. I have fully accepted and embraced my introversion. I truly have but, I do need to work on some balance. I have let my lifestyle stray way further into it than it should have.
  4. I want to start working on my own defined timeline and stop working off of other's timelines. I need to drive more.
  5. I didn't end up buying a car this past week (many reasons) but am still on the lookout for one. It makes the shopping experience easy when there is no timeline/deadline or sense of urgency.

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