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I wasted my time on Lee Child's The Christmas Scorpion. Sure, it was cheap and just meant to be a short story but, I got no enjoyment from it whatsoever. I can't even throw my "it's entertaining because it's part of a series and even if it is predictable, like every other procedural, I still am entertained" defense because, I wasn't.

No excuses but, all of my other reading this week was school and work related, all in the interest of closing up all of the loose ends before going out on vacation.



Once my workday (the last of 2018) ended, I started watching Season 8 of Voltron: Legendary Defender. I love this series and think that Dreamworks did a good job with this reboot. The season (I'm only 4 episodes in as of this writing) is a slow burn; definitely building up to something big.


The simple joy of loading all of my music onto my iPhone, opening the music app, and then letting the songs play on shuffle. I get to hear songs I forgot I had, artists I forgot had existed and wonder what they are up to now, and feelings and imagery I haven't visited since, in some cases, decades. Even when I'm home alone, I still opt to put on my headphones and let shuffle run its course. I'm able to get lost in both what I am doing and what I am listening to.

Some of my favorite "rediscoveries":


And then, pretty much the entire Michael Jackson catalog. He was a musical genius.


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