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Five things for the week


Photo: The above picture is blurry. I caught her staring at me from underneath the tree while I was sitting in the adjacent chair writing out a grocery list. So I quickly switched from Notes to Camera on my phone to grab this shot before she raced away.

  1. I have all of our recurring bills on auto-pay. It's nice knowing that payments will be taken care of, automatically, on the same day each month. It's one less chore I have to do. But, I still have reminders setup to periodically check in on them, as well as continually check statements when they come through. Just in case.
  2. My foray (back into) mechanical keyboards may have started obsession. Much like writers obsess over fountain pens, and artists over brushes, and thousand of others who have already ventured into the weird wonderful world of mechanical keyboards... I already have a substantial list of other keyboards that I want to try/buy.
  3. One of the projects that I want to start soon is to document our digital life (financials, files, photos, and network setup) for my wife. In the case anything were to happen to me, I want her to have something that would walk her through getting to all of the important data that she needs to get to.
  4. We attended a taco party, yesterday. Basically, just a party where there was a taco bar. I was in charge of salsa and guacamole, which I enjoyed making (both from scratch). More importantly, it felt good to get out and socialize with friends.
  5. The week will be my last working week of 2018, and I'm excited to get through it. Here's looking forward to unplugging soon.

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