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That typing noise is really (satisfyingly) loud

There's going to be a lot of noise coming from my office. Someone (me) got a new mechanical keyboard. So, if you hear non-stop typing (because I love this thing and feel like I can type all freaking day long), it's me.

And, if the sound of my typing annoys you, I'm sorry (not sorry).

//I haven't had a mechanical keyboard since my early teens. I remember using some in my early years working in office-type jobs but, they weren't that great. Usually just the keyboards that came with the computers that they had ordered in bulk.

I remember the last restaurant I worked at (as a server) had mechanical keyboards at the stations where you enter orders. I loved that because I would basically type faster than the screen could catch up, and essentially still wouldn't miss a keystroke. I could type orders in faster than 90% of the other servers. it was fun. Muscle memory kicked in and, especially on busy nights, I rocked those stations.

So now I have one of my own choosing. I'm already having fun with it. I love the look and feel. This is much needed with all of the increased writing that I have noticed has become my everyday, lately. It's only a matter of time before I setup keyboard profiles (color combinations, key layout, etc) for all of my machines. Even if it means I have to manually plug the USB cable into them when I want to use this keyboard on them.

I have always wanted a mechanical keyboard but refrained because I worked in office settings and knew I would drive others crazy. This is yet another advantage of working from home; I can pound away and not bother anyone.

At least, not until my wife gets home from her work.

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