Five things for the week

  1. This week was a very busy blur. Partly my own doing but mostly because it was just one of those weeks. 
  2. I reprogrammed our thermostats (one for each floor, which is awesome. This is our first time having two temp zones in a house, and I love it). The previous owner had them set a little too high for our liking. Now, they're at a setting where my wife and I can't agree on what is too hot/too cold. 
  3. I finally got a sound bar and set it up, yesterday. We then watched a couple movies with it. It's way way better than the TV's built-in speakers (duh). Not sure what took us so long to get away from those. It also has bluetooth so I connected our devices. She played an audiobook on it while baking some bread. It was very nice. 
  4. It took a while to setup my home workspace but it's finally coming together. I have two Windows 10 machines (one work, one home), and a MacOS machine, all being driven with one mouse and one keyboard*. I'm using Logitech's Flow devices to do this, which work really well. I also added their MX speakers so all three devices put their audio out through the same speakers (one at a time, of course). It's basically using a software version, combined with bluetooth, of a KVM switch and it's so easy to setup. 
  5. "A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for" by John A. Shedd.

*As many times as I have tried "simplifying" the number of machines, I keep reverting back. I think this is my comfort level. Sure, there are things that I can do to make things more simple but, I do like the fact that I have different processes and workflows set for different machines.