Recently read, watched, and listened


The December 2018 issue of California Sunday magazine is stellar. The entire issue is devoted to photojournalistic stories focused around the theme of "home". It's humbling, interesting, and eye-opening. I enjoyed it enough to become a new paid subscriber. 

I have been reading the Reacher series since my mom first introduced it to me the year the first book was released. Like with most series, the quality declines gradually the longer the series goes. But the characters and stories are still entertaining enough. I've written about it before; book series like this are very similar to procedurals on TV. They're formulaic and predictable but still entertain the reader. At last, they do for me. 

One thing that was disappointing (for me) was the Patty and Shorty storyline. There was some pretty good build up on that front but, the climax felt like it was being phoned in. Anti-climatic for me. 


Despite not being handy (not at all) around the house, I always enjoy watching This Old House/Ask This Old House. This week, I caught up on a few episodes sitting on my DVR. I'm not sure why I find it fascinating. I do admire how easy all of them make their trades look while at the same time, I fully appreciate the importance of each trade. And the more I watch, the more I appreciate the history and tradition within each trade. I also admire the apprentice program that This Old House is shepherding. It's much needed and very cool when they showcase them on the show. 


I found my CD collection. Yes, actual CDs. Hundreds of them (I loved to collect music). There's a lot that I forgot I even had. There's a lot that I haven't listened to in years. Years! Through the week, while working on other things, I have been playing them while ripping them to my iTunes library. 

For a while I let Concrete Blonde play on repeat. I love them. So much. I didn't realize at the time (it was released) but, now knowing what the song was about, the "Tomorrow, Wendy" track is hauntingly beautiful. Even mores as this coincides with the increased AIDs awareness, this week. 


I also stumbled upon the 2-disc Jimmy Page and the Black Crowes "Live at the Greek" album. I let that one play a few times over. I love(d) both bands (The Black Crowes and Led Zeppelin) as a teenager. I remember this album played on repeat in my truck for years.