A Tuesday ramble

The unwarranted criticism of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is cowardice. That she cannot, at 29 years old, afford an apartment in Washington, DC is not grounds for criticism. I'm 41 years old and cannot afford an apartment in DC. Age and income are not a measure of anything. They're not a measure of character, of achievement, of ability. They're just fucking numbers

We're programmed to attack what we fear. We go on the offensive because we're defensive. And we, as humans, are really bad at this. We don't scale. Our switch from defense to offense is binary. 

Isn't she what we want? Don't we all, regardless of political beliefs, want our youth to step forward and make a difference? Don't we want our youth to bring their voices to the conversation? We're living this right now. We are witnessing this right now, especially with this new class of leaders just recently elected.  

We're starting to see elected officials who truly represent us.

They represent our races, our background, our religions, and even those of us who cannot afford apartments in larger cities. There are people afraid of this? They're so afraid, they went defensive, then switched to offense without stopping down to realize, well... anything. Cowards. 

Also, hat tip to Greg Fallis for this post, "It's not about her clothes". We are paying attention to the wrong things.