I have been starting to change up my morning routine. Since I no longer have to commute, I find myself with more time before settling into work and, I want to use this time wisely.

The alarm is set for 6:30 AM, except for times when I have earlier conference calls. This seems to be working as it’s a natural time for me to wake up.

I started showering in the evenings. This gives me a little more morning time which I have turned into time spent on making a healthy breakfast. But, I miss the “wake up” that a morning shower gives me. Still adjusting.

Getting dressed is increasingly important. I’m fortunate in that I can still dress comfortably. It’s extremely important that I continue to dress versus work in loungewear.

I’m slowly working on changing my morning phone habit, setting aside social media and games for just checking my calendar and skimming for urgent email. I also need to start avoiding morning news, first thing, since that seems to dictate my mood for the day. Not healthy. The social media and gaming just waste time, and they’re something I’m working to reduce overall.

There are some more tweaks here and there. And there will continue to be some tweaking until I find the right routine for me.