Five things for the week

Sunset across the park

  1. I wrote a post describing the photography equipment (kit) that I ultimately want. Sure, it would be nice but, it's absolutely not needed. Thus, there's no rush to go out and start switching and acquiring equipment. If I continued with what I currently have, I would be perfectly content doing so.
  2. Money. It's been on my mind a lot, lately. Maybe it's age, maturity, or just the events in my life these past few months. Or all of the above (pretty sure all of the above). I want to get way smarter with it.
  3. I want a drone but, for very specific reasons that closely straddle the line between ethical and not.  So, no drone for me.
  4. The Apple announcement did nothing for me. I do appreciate the that Mac Mini was refreshed (I have a soft spot for that computer. Always loved small-footprint desktop computers). The iPad Pro is intriguing but, in reality, I wouldn't use it for half the things it's built for. I'm not even sure I need my current iPad anymore. My "computing" has trended more towards laptops and desktops and away from mobile devices.
  5. Next week is going to be a good week because I'm going to make it so.