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Yesterday's Frito pie is today's chili dog

Frito pie

I was craving Frito pie so, I made Frito pie.

Yesterday’s slow-cooker batch of chili turned out pretty good I used beer (Negra Modelo) instead of broth, and kicked up the chili powder mix with some “looser” measurements and spice blending. It ended up with a more layered, deeper flavor (if that makes any sense) and had a bit more (spice) kick than my normal chilis.

Chop a white onion, shred cheddar cheese, and scoop a ladle full over a stack of Fritos Scoops, Yes! And, add a dollop of plain nonfat Greek yogurt (in lieu of sour cream).

I’m learning (better late than never) to cook things that I crave so that I can indulge at home when needed, versus order or go out to restaurants. This helps me control the ingredients, cost, portion, and overall “healthy-ness” of the dish.

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