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Five things for the week

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  1. It was a weekday and she didn't feel like making a big deal for her birthday, so we indulged in an always good In-N-Out* dinner for M on Wednesday. I like when we limit our visits there, even though it's less than a mile away now, because it just makes every visit that much better.
  2. For the past two weeks, I have been calorie tracking in the Lose It! app. I'm learning a lot about my habits. Overall, I eat fairly healthy. Sometimes without even trying. I do need to increase fruit and vegetable intake, though. My biggest issue is portion control. Eat less, weigh less. I'm taking steps to address that, and they seem to be working so far. Cooking/eating more often at home has been a huge help.
  3. This morning, after making breakfast (fried eggs, toast, bacon, half avocado), I then a) hardboiled eggs for the week, b) started a batch of crock pot chili, and c) made a big batch of pesto chicken pasta salad, all which will take care of quite a few meals during the week. I feel pretty good about it. It's the closest to Sunday meal prep that I have been in a long time.
  4. Don't move across states if you can help it. The level of fail and incompetence between bureaucratic entities, like the DMV**, will drive you insane. If I told you this before, I don't mind saying it again. It warrants multiple warnings.
  5. I caved and bought the iPhone XS Max (really hate the name). Overall not a bad phone. I am having some battery drain issues that I hope are addressed with a software update. It (battery) doesn't last as long as the iPhone 8+ that I upgraded from. I have also come close to dropping it quite a few times (more often than with any other iPhone I have ever had) and, I'm not sure why.

*Is In-N-Out the best burger in the world? No, not close. But, growing up with it, it’s home. And it’s food that reminds me of home. And for the price, the quality is fantastic. It “tastes like California”, and that’s more than enough for me.

**Shoutout to the staff at the Davis (CA) DMV, though. They were all very helpful and made the two hours we spent there fairly bearable. Some of the bureaucratic anomalies even boggled them at times.

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