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these are my working tools

Mid morning break This morning, like most, was filled with conference calls. I get a lot of use out of that headset. It’s bluetooth but, I use it tethered (USB cord) more often since I whip through the headset’s battery so quickly.

The keyboard is fairly new; just a little over two weeks I think. I pound on it. I’m a loud typer (yes, I’m that guy in your office). But this one is surprisingly quiet. It does a really good job of absorbing my frustrat, er… passionate typing. I also like that I can prop my phone on it, and play music or white noise from it, on the rare occasions while not on a call. The keyboard also pairs with mutiple devices (so does the mouse) which keeps the clutter away.

The 27" monitor is a luxurious necessity. Working on anything smaller is almost (first world problem) painful. It’s just enough screen real estate to do everything I want to do. The laptop only opens when I need to use the integrated camera for video calls.

Not far off is my notebook. It’s a scratch pad and wannabe task list I keep it close by because I love writing, the act of writing, the feel and the sound of writing. It is, and always will be, hard for me to not have a pen and paper near me when I’m working.

I often daydream abut having a more manual, hands on job. But then I’m quickly reminded that I really don’t like manual labor. Stupid daydreaming fantasies giving me a warped sense of reality. No, being a fishing boat captain is not a fulfilling way to live your life… or, is it? It probably is, right? I’m sure it is. Stupid brain, you tool. Get back to work!

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