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raw is beautiful, and so are mistakes


Florence + the Machine: Tiny Desk Concert at NPR

I appreciate the Tiny Desk concerts much like I appreciated MTV’s Unplugged sessions. Listening to artists and musicians, in their “raw” forms, gives me a much greater appreciation for the skill, work, and talent that they put into their craft. Raw is great; we don’t get the polished, over-produced, multiple take versions of tracks. We watch (and hear) them work through every detail, every component of the track, and on occasion experience a mistake that ends up being, well… beautiful.

I’m not a musician. I know how to read sheet music but I see notes like words, I don’t hear them. I learned (tried to, at least) a few instruments but, nothing stuck. I’m not a musician. But, I do have a deep appreciation for music. I love the process and the result (feeling) that it instigates and injects into life.

Tiny Desk is one of my favorite things on the internet because I get to see and hear all of this, and even discovery new artists. Florence + the Machine does a really good job, here. I love hearing them “raw” versus any of their produced work.

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