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Five things for the week

  1. We finally braved the California DMV* (without an appointment, nonetheless less) to get our California driver's licenses and license plates. We are now "California official", or at least, official again. It's a weird thing to focus on but, I feel more at home knowing my license and car tags say "California" on them again.
  2. I finally (I hope) cleaned up my iTunes library. Having multiple backups in multiple locations definitely came in handy. Let that be a lesson to any reading this; keep multiple backups in multiple locations for everything important to you. I lost maybe ~10 songs in the process but, can always rip them from CDs again. I'm also just waiting for iTunes to screw it all up again. The plus side of doing this (it took half a day) was that I got to listen to a lot of music that I had almost forgotten that I had.
  3. A friend, from Denmark, is staying with us tonight. It's fun to catch up and, later, wander around the city with her. Haven't seen her in 5 years, since our time in Korea.
  4. I'm writing this while sitting outside on my patio, in the cool quiet morning. I need to write/work outside more often.
  5. I'm slightly annoyed that I didn't have a (new) picture to include with this post. Need to change that for the next time.

*There is much hoopla over how efficient the DMV is, including wait times and overall confusion for customers. The soonest available appointment that we could get would have been the end of November, which is what made us decide to brave the lines. All said and done, it took about 2.5 hours to get through everything. Not horrible but, we are definitely thankful it’s done.

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