Making my own work culture


We have a strange work culture. Yesterday was a holiday (I prefer Indigenous Peoples' Day) yet, emails and text messages and (yes, even some) phone calls were still flying.

I have a ton of work to do, not to mention (as you can see from the picture) quite a lot to cleanup around my overall setup. The whole home office is still a work in progress*. But, you know what? I took my holiday.

The computers remained off yesterday. Well, with the exception of my home PC. I needed some gaming time** on my day off.

I need to carry this momentum to setting overall working hours, and finding ways to turn off. I need to take breaks throughout the day, specifically make an effort to get outside more. I would love to separate my work and personal computing environments but, until I get that mansion with a hundred rooms, they’ll remain together for now.


* I anticipate that it will be for quite some time. The desk is a lot less cluttered than it was last week. I still need to mount the monitor (left) and clean up the cabling behind it. It will accommodate my 1) home PC, 2) Nintendo Switch, and 3) Work Surface Pro 4. The wires below the desk need a lot of cleanup but, that will come last once I get the desk arranged the way I want it.

**I’m really relly addicted to Jurassic World Evolution. I even think about it when I’m not playing it. And yes, there may have been a dream or two that involved it.