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Five things for the week


  1. Why am I driving myself crazy trying to figure out which iPhone XS to upgrade to (XS or XS Max) when it's absolutely not even something that is necessary to do?!? I'm perfectly fine with what I have. Stop it. Just, stop.
  2. There's so much more out there that I want to spend my brain power, money, and time on.
  3. It felt really good to wake up on a Saturday and cook breakfast in my own kitchen, in my own home.
  4. Create create create.
  5. My tendency is to overcomplicate things because sometimes my brain cannot comprehend that some things are just easy. Plain and simple, some things are just easy. I don't need elaborate dinners every night. I don't need complicated workflow processes. I don't need separate software to journal versus take notes versus track tasks. It's all so crazy.

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