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Missing material things

We’re in this weird place where we are living in our new home but our things haven’t yet arrived. The moving truck is still working its way across country (from Virginia). I miss our stuff. I’m craving all of our kitchen equipment because I’m getting really tired of eating out, and desperately want to get back to cooking.

I’m missing the dining room table and chairs. A couch would be nice. Our bed… Lord, I miss our bed. An air mattress will only take you so far.

I’m also missing my Kindle (Voyage). I keep kicking myself for packing it rather than keeping it with me. I thought that my iPad would suffice but, I just like the experience on the Kindle better. It’s focused reading. The iPad is a distraction, since I do so many things on it.

What we miss most of all is the feeling of being settled. It was a positive, incremental step moving out of a rental and into our own home. But we don’t feel settled. At least, not until we have out things and I’m able to put our pictures on the walls.

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