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I feel a strong connection to Incheon

I feel a strong connection to Incheon.

I don’t know where I’m from. I know that I was born some where in Korea. I know that I was left at a police station in Seoul, in a neighborhood now known as Dongdaemun market. In 2013, I walked through that neighborhood (multiple times) and visited the area that police station was (it’s no longer there).

That was the closest that I have ever been to “home”.

I felt no connection.


Yeonanbudu Pier. I walked through this area in January 2013, the night before flying home. And again in June 2013, like before, the night before I flew home. I’m drawn to piers and ports. I love the eclectic mix of industry and leisure, ships and boats. This place spoke to me, softly… loudly. Does it mean anything? Who knows.

Wolmido. Two friends, locals to Incheon, took me here for an evening (June 2013). It was summer, hot, and humid. We drank beer and people watched. We laughed at each other and with each other. It was one of the few times in Korea when I felt like I really belonged. Those two friends became brothers that evening. Does it mean anything? Who knows.

I feel a strong connection to Incheon.

I walked through Baedari (bookstore alley) at night, when the stores were closed. It’s lovely.

Gyeongin Ara Waterway… this bike path is on my list of things to do (ride) the next time I am back. I remember seeing it from roads to and from the airport, and always longing to get out and ride it. My hotel (my last summer night there) was very close to Songdo Central Park. I quickly walked through it during my search for dinner (my flight was cancelled and it was late), and made a mental note to spend more time there the next time.

I follow the Incheon K-League club, Incheon United FC. I have yet to see a match in person but I consider myself a fan. Most people only know Incheon as the city where the airport is, a short stop on the way to Seoul. For me, Incheon is a destination; a place to spend time in before anywhere else on the peninsula.

I feel a strong connection to Incheon.


// I subscribe to the Korea.net Youtube channel because I like to be reminded about the beauty of that country, and all of the things I need to do when I find my way back. When I saw the video centered on Incheon, time stopped for me and, I had to write this post.

Jeju Island has a special, magic for me. But it didn’t feel like home. Perhaps, one day, I’ll write a post about that beautiful island experience. \

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