We talkin' 'bout practice?


The more I write, the better the writing will get.

The more I photograph, the better my photographs will be.


It’s a mantra that I need to incorporate into my approach. I need to “regain” my creativity. I need to reawaken it; I have allowed it to become complacent. My creativity has been binge watching shows on Netflix while eating junk food delivered from Amazon Prime Now and meals delivered by Grubhub, allowing it to never leave the house and rarely leave the couch.

I care about writing. I care about the pens and the notebooks I use. I care about the keyboard that I pound out my thoughts on. I care about the tools of the craft. I need to refocus on the craft itself.

I care about photography. I care about the cameras and, the medium, and the accessories. I love the tools that I have. I care about those tools. I need to refocus on the craft itself.