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Pho Shizzle

On the last day of the Games, after competition had wrapped up and my team was finished, I had an evening to myself with no commitments. It was such a nice feeling. No commitments.

I did spend some of it catching up with some colleagues from Southern California. I hadn’t seen them in years and there was much to discuss. Friends, talking for hours in a coffee shop… a really good time.

Afterwards, on my solitary walk back to the hotel, I realized that I was hungry so I stopped into Pho Shizzle. Throughout the week, the team and I had fun with the name of the place. Some of them had tried it. So, I decided it was my turn to try.

A solitary meal, eating a bowl full of spicy beef noodle soup and a couple of spring rolls. Time to think to myself, for myself. Time to just stare out the front windows and people watch.

This was the perfect end to that week, that day.

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