Five things for the week

Stress eating in the middle of the day

  1. It's time that I started to write and post more on this blog.
  2. I ate really poorly these past couple of weeks (as the picture of the pizza above, partly reflects). Most of it is due to stress eating and laziness (haven't cooked as much as I should have). There's a lot going on, all good, but it's all wearing me out every day, so quickly.
  3. Every decision I make, every action taken, is for health and happiness. I need to. I need to.
  4. Love/hate relationship with Instagram continues... Lord, it continues.
  5. Ezra Furman's "Love You So Bad" has a lot of familiarity to it. It's the kind of track that you might think you heard back in high school, almost a classic, that rings true with all of your youthful feelings of angst and teenage emotions.