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Five things for the week

More flowers are starting to come in.I want to write something about Anthony Bourdain but, I don’t know what nor how to write about it. It is affecting me, though. And, if anything, it’s helping me speed some decision making that I need to do for the overall betterment of my life.

  1. Parts Unknown: Iran
  2. Parts Unknown: Korea
  3. Parts Unknown: Koreatown, Los Angeles
  4. Parts Unknown: Hanoi
  5. Parts Unknown: Montana
//The list isn't necessarily my favorites but, just episodes that stick out in my mind when I remember his most recent work. There are multiple episodes of No Reservations as well as an episode of A Cook's Tour that I vividly remember. Not to mention his writing... for my money, one of the best writers (not "travel writer" or "food writer", just "writer") of this era.

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