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Five things for the week

[caption id=“attachment_3827” align=“alignnone” width=“2048”] Sunday dinner: chicken enchiladas[/caption]

  1. I cooked most of the weekend, which is good. We caved (ordered dinner delivery) more than we should have, during the weekdays. Not a horrible start but worse than it should have been. We picked up a lot of good, healthy food this morning so, here's hoping for a good week.
  2. My workflow is a really chaotic mixture of digital notes (OneNote, Apple Notes) and handwritten (two different notebooks). I need to wrk on streamlining this. It's a weird method that I have sneaked by with for a little over a year but, it needs immediate improvement.
  3. I have a renewed love for Tecate (beer). It's just so good.
  4. We stopped by the mall, this morning, intending to swing by the Apple store before heading to the grocery store. I really wanted to see the red iPhone 8 in person (I know, fanboy). My wife is also considering another Apple Watch band. But we got there too early; it was about an hour before the store opened. But, we were really surprised at how many "mall walkers" were there. It looked like track and field practice (for senior citizens).
  5. I had some really weird dreams over the weekend. They all alluded to leaving work, and the east coast, but not in the way that I think I would do so in real life.

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