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Five things for the week

This morning’s hotel view

  1. It felt good to grill, yesterday. There's just something so relaxing about sitting out in the backyard, sipping a beer and listening to all of the "outside sounds" around you, while dinner is cooking on the grill next to you. I'm really hoping to do this ate often throughout the warmer seasons.
  2. For is changing a little bit; over the last few months our team has been reorganized and my workload has become more focused. instead of being a part of 7-20 big projects, I am now focused on two. And, over the next couple of weeks, I will see that focus changed to one. Granted, one ginormous, extremely important (to the organization) project but, I am trying to process what it will mean for me and my career to experience this kind of change. Focusing, and being involved in, just one project is never something that I wanted to do. I always loved being a part of many different projects.
  3. We're finally at a place where our digital files are now back to being organized. it took some work, some changing of processes and equipment, but I can safely say that we're back to where we should be. Yay!
  4. The news that Smugmug is purchasing Flickr is, well... I am reserving judgement. I like Smugmug; in fact, it's my backup for whenever I feel like I need to "abandon" Flickr. I'm hopeful for the future of Flickr (it's still my favorite photo sharing platform) but, again, I want to see how this plays out before making a bunch of assumptions and/or decisions.
  5. This week's trip to Dominican Republic was really good, though too short. A few things that I was reminded of during that trip:
    1. I need to take an actual camera with me on trips like this, and then I need to take as many walks as possible with that camera.
    2. I need to get back to, when possible, taking an extra day or two after scheduled meetings, to just be able to relax and explore on my own.
    3. I need to stop being a workaholic and get out the offices/hotel/meeting rooms more on these trips.

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