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Just your domesticated Saturday

It’s the first clear (weather and schedule) Saturday when I have a chance to start cleaning up the yard, to get it ready for the rest of Spring. I’m hoping mostly of the plants come back. There is one corner where the plants are definitely not going to return, so I am starting to consider different options there. I’m leaning towards a stone sculpture of some sort, just to add some texture back here.

I am also getting strong reminder to start taking an allergy pill every day now. I have a dry cough and a runny nose, which did not make yard work fun at all.

The other plus side of cleaning the yard? I get to start grilling again. This evening will be burgers; something quick and easy to break in the grill for 2018. Tomorrow I’ll do some grilled brats (in beer, of course) and sauerkraut. I’m thinking that next weekend is a good one for some carne asada, tortillas, and pico de gallo (mmm, tacos).

Here’s to 2018 weekends filling my soul up enough to get through the week, to the other weekend.

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