WTF, it's April 7th?!?

It’s mid-afternoon and I’m sitting here eating a Cup Noodles, which I have recently “rediscovered” and was reminded how much they’re guilty pleasures for me. So good! So, I’m sitting here, mid-afternoon, enjoying a late lunch as this is the first Saturday that I had a chance to sleep in. Sleep in to ~10:30 AM, which was quite nice.

So, I made myself a breakfast (avocado toast, scrambled eggs, coffee) and then vegged out playing a game on my phone for an hour (still addicted to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp).

Then, I realized that I need to use this weekend to get caught up… I’m way behind.

First order of business was to process a stack of mail that has been piling up on the desk. That lead to having to do some physical and digital filing. This also lead to me realizing that I really don’t want to fall behind in this aspect ever again. I hate filing!

Second order of business? Filing my 2017 taxes. This is the latest, in my entire life, that I have filed my taxes. It’s been hanging over me for a few months now but, things at work have been dominating my time (more on that later).

Filing the taxes (really, tracking down all of the needed information) lead me to realize how bad all of my home files organization has been, specifically my digital files (I scan everything). So now, as I eat my Cup Noodles, I am working through a major cleanup and reorg. of my digital life.

Music, all over the place. Thanks, iTunes! You hot mess of a music organization application! How the f did all of my music files get so disorganized if I’m using you, one application, to manage it all? How?!?

Photo files all over the place and, even worse, not backed up in over a month! The shame! So bad… just bad. And more of the same on all other fronts of my digital life… I’m driven to correct it by the end of the weekend. My workstations and home cloud need some TLC.

Work… So, for the month of March, work dictated the pace and (in)balance of my life. I was in Abu Dhabi for 18 of the 31 days of March, working an event. All other (very long) work days were spent in the office prepping and wrapping up said event. I neglected my wife, friends, family, pet, hobbies, and personal space… And it’s showing. It’s all showing.

I love the work I do, and love that I get to travel, but this March was a bit of a wake up call. I just can’t let time get away from me like that. I can’t.