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When you need to create, you find a way

I listened to this entry on the way to the office, this morning. And once I got to the office, I watched this video a few times (or like, 5-7 times). It’s a very touching story about how one individual overcame adversity and found a way to create. It’s touching, and was the kind of feel good story I want to see and hear more of.

From NPR All Songs Considered:

Bernie Dalton's Tiny Desk Contest entry comes attached with an origin story that is heart-rending. Dalton hired voice coach and singer/songwriter Essence Goldman to formally refine his voice, only to lose it two months after to bulbar-onset ALS — an especially deleterious form of the disease that has now left him only able to communicate with his eyes and an Eye Gaze Device. As his ALS worsened, Goldman started making music to accompany Dalton's lyrics, putting out a full-length album in February sung entirely by Goldman. In his Tiny Desk Contest entry, Goldman and the band involved with the album's creation perform at his bedside. It is, at once, devastating and beautiful.

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