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Sharing fajitas


Recently, one thing that my wife and I have learned that we enjoy doing is sharing fajitas. Fajitas are a dish that begs to be served and enjoyed family style. Any time we ate in a place where fajitas were served, I would always opt for something else (fajitas are not always on top of my list).

A few weeks ago, my wife asked why we just don’t share fajitas. I didn’t have a good excuse other than that I had never really thought about it before. I generally always opted for tacos or something more like a combo plate. So, we indulged and shared.

And I came to realize that yes, fajitas as great. When done right, they taste do’s good, So simple,m yet so good. But the act of sharing with someone I love? Makes it even better. So now, we make sure to share fajitas whenever we are at a place that serves them.

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