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Five things for the week

This morning, the soundtrack (in my head) for cooking breakfast was Joe Esposito’s “You’re the Best!”. You’re probably familiar with this track thanks to the classic movie “The Karate Kid”. It’s one of those songs that works only when played during a montage. Why was this playing in my head? I have no idea. Have I recently watched “The Karate Kid”? Nope. Is my head filled with randomness at all times? Yep.

  1. It's Super Bowl Sunday. I don't have an affinity for either team. Though I love to hate the Patriots, their numbers Super Bowl appearances have beaten me down to the point where I just don't care whether they win or lose anymore. And I have no tie to the Eagles. None.
  2. A coworker turned me on to the show Corporate. It has its moments, and is definitely growing on me. The food truck scene, in this week's episode, cracked me up.
  3. Am I the only one who hears "Hot Pocket!" a la Jim Gaffigan, any time I pass by a Hot Topic store?
  4. I need to start building a stronger preparation to lead into the week. The combination of work and school (in addition to things I generally want to accomplish) is just too much. The week's preparation is key to me being able to start the week strongly. I understand that the course of the week will change things but, being able to start strong will help me manage those changes later.
  5. Let your inner geek flag fly.
BTW - breakfast was the best. Thanks, Joe Esposito!

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