Five things for the week

I like writing these. I want to get back to writing these on a regularly. I used to write “Five things for the day” as a daily journal prompt, and want to get back to doing this.

  1. I "postponed" my efforts of putting together a newsletter. Most of my hesitation is not having enough to write about. More accurately, not having enough to really want to share.
  2. I have been trying to break some bad habits and start some good ones. Most of it stems from me trying to be more in the moment. To enjoy life more. But it's more difficult to follow through.
  3. I need to be a better person. It's not that I'm a bad person. It's just, the world. Everything happening now. We can all stand to be better. And it starts with me.
  4. I watched "Rotten" and, have so many more questions. And feel a bit powerless as a consumer.
  5. We humans are capable of more. And this is both good and bad.