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This new year started with a cough

Last meal of 2017

I woke on New Years Day with a head cold. It wasn’t debilitating but it was enough to give me pause. “I can’t believe I’m beginning the year this way,” I remember thinking.

I was fine, the night before. My wife and I had our usual quiet evening. We stayed in and prepared our traditional NY steak rosemary roasted potatoes, and roasted broccoli dinner (pictured above). Complete with some good red wine and champagne, of course. We did the countdown and celebrated when the clocks hit midnight. We then fell asleep.

A little over six hours later and I was sick enough to not get out of bed for a couple more hours past waking. And then, after getting up and getting some breakfast, my day was spent on the couch doing nothing. Some of the nothing was on purpose, some just because my body simply was not willing.

And that set the tone for my week. The head cold lasted through Thursday. I (fortunately) was able to work from home on Tuesday, but went into the office for the remainder of the week. It wasn’t until Friday when I felt like I was actually getting better. And now, on Sunday, I finally feel that I am at the tail end of this.

My 2018 started off track, without me being able to start some of the things that I really wanted to start. I wanted to write a blog post each day. I wanted to start reading a couple books. I wanted to change my morning routine to incorporate more exercise and a better, bigger, breakfast. But, no. Perhaps I will be able to begin this next week.

That is one of the things I promised myself for 2018: to not be too hard on myself when things don’t happen the way I wanted them to. To give myself some slack. So I was sick. So I needed to recover. 2018 moves on.

Happy New Year!

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