SWTLO Weekly

Photo of the week:My game 5 view

Our evening's original plans included a team dinner after our series of meetings (that had been going all week). But one thing lead to another and a few of decided that attending the game would be a far better experience (and much needed way to let off some steam). We found some surprisingly (for a game 5 of a playoff series) cheap tickets and the rest was... so much fun.

Five things for the week

  1. This week wasn't all what I had envisioned at the start. I felt like each day I was simply treading water to keep up with everything that was going on. And to top it off, I had no energy left when I would get home in the evenings. This was proof that I didn't manage time and energy well.
  2. The point (above) leads me to this: I need to start paying close attention to what I eat. It could be a combination of age and lifestyle changes but, I am starting to notice how different foods affect my mental and physical performance. It's a matter of breaking routines and starting new, healthier, ones.
  3. It takes 17 (or 21, or 66) days to establish a habit... or something like that. I'm trying to get myself to write (with pen and paper) journal entries daily. It's not going well. Need to make this happen.
  4. I feel like this is the year for the Dodgers... I want it to be. Really really want it.
  5. Single-tasking, living in the moment, practicing mindfulness... yeah, let's do that.

Recently read:

Argh! This is one of my biggest points of frustration this week. I didn't get to read anything (for recreation). And, taking last week into consideration, this makes two consecutive weeks. Not good. And this had a direct effect on my happiness.

Recently watched:

  • Everything is Okay - a funny web series that I stumbled on (can't remember how). It has been in my bookmarks for a while, now. Reminiscent of Black Mirror. I liked the humor in this. Cirocco Dunlap is great (she stars and wrote).

//I’m trying out a new weekly format, more to keep track of the things I have read and watched. It’s also a format that, I hope, will evolve as I look to put together a weekly email newsletter.