SWTLO Weekly

Photo of the weekMorning light

I have a lot of pictures from my trip to Abu Dhabi. I was going too choose one of them but, opted for this one because it's of my backyard. Home. Something i appreciate more and more with every trip away. Home.

Five things for the week

  1. I spent ten days in Abu Dhabi (for work). Overall a productive trip; I enjoyed my time there and felt that we accomplished a lot. I also am looking forward to more work with that team (and more trips there) over the next couple years.
  2. I love laptops. I could see being just as productive on a tablet (tried a few times on my iPad Pro and came very close to meeting all of my needs). I just like working on a laptop; it's much more enjoyable for me this way. I don't foresee ever switching completely form a laptop to a tablet.
  3. One of the most underrated joys of my life is discovering new music, then spending hours diving further into the artist's work, and sometimes even discovering other artists because of it. I fully recommend spending at least an hour each week to just sit and listen to music (both old and new).
  4. Still trying to decide whether to start that newsletter or just blog (here) more often... still unsure.
  5. Push yourself. It's time to operate on the next level. You say you're better, then be it.

Recently Read

  • I didn't read what I wanted to (over the past few weeks). I usually find it difficult to read during work travel. It's something I really want to do better/more of but, most times I end up working late into the evenings/night.

Recently watched

I had plenty of time during my flights to watch things...
  • Master of None: Season 2 - binged watched on the plane. The whole season is worth watching; I enjoyed it more than the first season. The "Thanksgiving" episode? Definitely one of the best episodes I have watched in all of 2017, for any show.
  • Chefs Table: Ana Ros - just an all around impressive story. I admire what she has accomplished.
  • Chefs Table: Jeong Kwan - This one blew me away. Absolutely fascinating.
  • Chefs Table: Nancy Silverton - I have always admired her and what she has done for Los Angeles. And, after watching this, I really love that she finds so much joy in working hands on. I want to try the mozzarella bar!
  • What Happened to Monday - So, this review (from The Verge) pretty much says what i want to say. I guiltily admit that I did enjoy it, though. The ending could have been so much better.
  • Lion - No, YOU cried your eyes out in front of everyone on the plane while watching this move... Adoption storylines can vary from extremely corny to extremely well done. My own adoption magnifies whichever point adoption stories fall on that  scale. I lost it when they showed the real footage at the end.
  • Jane Got a Gun - "Oh cool, a western with Natalie Portman. Strong female lead... should be fun," I thought. Nope. Fell way short of what this could have been.
//I’m trying out a new weekly format, more to keep track of the things I have read and watched. It’s also a format that, I hope, will evolve as I look to put together a weekly email newsletter.