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Photo of the Week

So good on a cooler evening

Taken on Monday evening, during dinner with a couple friends. We went out for shabu shabu, which was superb. This is the remainder of my portion, turned into an awesome, slightly spicy, soup.

Five things for the week

  1. I ordered a new everyday carry camera, this week. It also happens to be the iPhone 8+. Do I need it? Nope. It's an upgrade from my current 6s+ and a little treat to myself (treat yo self) for a busy 2017 and crazy looking upcoming 2018 at work. 1a. Sure, I want the iPhone X. It intrigues me; smaller form factor and better screen. But I don't want to be a first adopter with no mechanical home button and face recognition. I'll wait until the next gen.
  2. This was a bad week for eating. Just bad all week, including ordering in each weeknight (long days, exhaustion, laziness). I ate lighter, and "more vegetarian" over the weekend to try to make up for it. Here's looking at a new start, this week. Healthier, home cooked meals.
  3. I'm forty years old. I'm not who I want to be but, I am getting closer and closer to it each day.
  4. I have slowly worked myself back into the habit of carrying and using a physical notebook, at work. I use it to take notes, plan, and sketch things out. Daily. And since making the switch, I feel more organized, remember more things, and think more clearly.
  5. Weekly mantra: photograph more, write more, read more, be well.

Recently read

  • The Western Star, by Craig Johnson - It's #13 in the Walt Longmire series, a series I fully enjoy for the modern western genre and the character development occurring throughout the series. The books far overshadow the short-lived tV series (though that had potential). It was a quick read that very much ramps up to the next book, which hopefully comes out soon.
  • Why Cassini is Ending Its Life with a Kamikaze Plunge (Nautilus) - I grow increasingly fascinated with space exploration every. single. day.
  • The Episodic Career, by Farai Chideya - A good book giving (me) some much needed insight in approaching my career. I have (at least) twenty more years of working life in me, with so many things that I want to accomplish. Highly recommended and a must read for those who are looking for perspective. I first was introduced to Farai Chideya though her podcast, One with Farai. I really miss it; she is a fantastic interviewer.

Recently watched

  • What the Health - an... interesting documentary about the food industry and its relation to our health. I couldn't help but feel skeptical throughout watching it, though. It was more or less the same voices over and over again, and facts seemed to be few and far between.
//I’m trying out a new weekly format, more to keep track of the things I have read and watched. It’s also a format that, I hope, will evolve as I look to put together a weekly email newsletter.

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